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The Magic Wand Rechargeable has an automatic shutoff function at the 20-minute mark, which can be disruptive if you don’t expect it . The manufacturer recommends letting the toy cool off after 20 minutes to prolong the motor’s life, but you can continue to use it at this point by simply turning it back on again. Considering how intense the vibrations are, many people are unlikely to want to use it for more than 20 minutes straight regardless. No toy offers the level of power and intensity as the widely beloved Magic Wand. The intense stimulation it provides can be particularly helpful for people experiencing diminished libido or sensitivity. If you’ve never bought a strap-on or harness before, finding your best strap-on fit is key.

Like the Magic Wand Rechargeable, the Le Wand Original is covered by a one-year warranty. The Dame Aer is the first air-suction toy that we’ve liked better than our previous picks from Womanizer . Usually retailing at $95, the Aer is about $35 less than our previous suction pick, the Womanizer Classic.

This matte coating has a soft, suede-like texture that feels pleasant against the skin, though we recommend using it with plenty of water-based lube to reduce friction. You can easily wash the Purple Pleasure with gentle soap and water after use, as the toy has an IPX7 waterproof rating . If our pick is unavailable, or if you are specifically interested in a plug-in vibrator, we recommend the Magic Wand Plus. Typically retailing for about $55 less than the Magic Wand Rechargeable, the Plus model is basically identical in function and appearance, with the same vibration power, four intensity levels, and easy-to-clean silicone head. The narrow tip also makes this vibrator a great toy for partner play, as it leaves plenty of room for other types of simultaneous stimulation.

Je Joue Mimi Soft Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

Dr. Cruz says that some people might think they need a big sex toy to hit the G-spot, but that’s not necessarily true. “The G-spot can actually be found just two to three inches into the vaginal canal,” she says. “So you don’t need those big, long, scary toys just to feel more pleasure. You just need to know which spot to hit.” We Vibe Chorus is a less-intimidating G-spot stimulator. If you’re looking for a bullet vibe for direct clitoral stimulation, the Mia 2 is a great choice.

You also don’t need to keep track of a loose remote somewhere in the sheets while you’re using this, since the spin-dial controller is attached. This unique wand vibrator sex toys for women will never die just as you’re getting to the good part. It’s corded, so as long as it’s plugged into an outlet, it’ll keep buzzing for as long as you need it to.

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It’s also shorter and narrower, at 4.66 inches long and 1.46 inches at its widest point. Although shorter toys can sometimes cause wrist cramping due to a need for a longer reach, the nozzle of the Aer is more dramatically angled toward the body, making it ergonomic to use. Unlike the Womanizer Classic, which is widest toward the nozzle and has a narrow handle, the Aer has a narrow head that allows it to slip easily between the labia for positioning against the clitoris. This sleek, angled shape also makes the toy convenient to use for clitoral stimulation during intercourse, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

“Some folks appreciate internal and external stimulation,” Dr. Torrisi tells us. I most appreciate when internal and external stimulation have separate controls.” What might look like a Beauty Blender is one of the most versatile little vibrators to exist. Its rock-like shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, providing low-pitched vibrations that’ll have you rocking in your chair. Sure, use it during sex or solo masturbation, but it also makes a great personal massager that’s not sexual or sensual at all .

Any capsaicin leakage could cause severe pain in those super-sensitive regions. It sports a 3.5-inch tapered tip, while the gentle curves and cushy silicone make inserting the plug a smoother process. It’s not as cute as glittery and colourful plugs on the market, but that can come later. In the sea of vibrators sold online, trying to pick one that’s customisable yet inconspicuous enough to carry on your person can be tricky. Dildos and plugs — Dildos and plugs come in various shapes and sizes, and are simply used for straight-up penetration. With all the thousands of vibrators on the market, it can be tough to know what to look for, so here’s a handy breakdown of three qualities any vibrator worth its salt should have.

This floral-shaped suction toy is all over the Internet right now and after testing it, we can see why. Gorgeous design aside, it helped our panel reach orgasm at lightning speed. “It gave me one of the best orgasms of my life,” said one satisfied tester. The battery life was slightly disappointing, but overall, it’s a worthy addition to your bedside cabinet.

Unlike most clitoral vibrators that use traditional vibrations to stimulate your sweet spot, this tech-savvy toy uses gentle sonic waves to stimulate the entire clitoris and provide “even more pleasure”. Discreet, petite and powerful, bullet vibrators are hard to beat — especially when they’re this good. The silver chrome finish gives this one a luxurious feel, while the compact, lightweight design made it easy to hold and manoeuvre. But shopping for sex toys can be intimidating, and with more products on the market than ever before, finding a device that suits your needs can be no easy feat. This mainstay of the sex toy world is still just as popular and effective as when it first launched back in the ’60s.